Shih TZU puppies are lively little dogs with great personalities and a wonderful sense of humor. They are known for their love for humans, and they make wonderful playmates and friends for the whole family. Shih TZU are also known for their affection and large amounts of human attention to thrive. Our Shih TZU puppies for sale will bring humor into your home, along with a wonderful family friend!


Are you looking for a sturdy, muscular dog that loves human interaction, is excellent with children, and is guaranteed to make you laugh with its charming personality?

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Smaller than a traditional Shih TZU, Shih TZU puppies thrive on being part of the family and involved in any family activities.  They don’t require as much exercise or energy as some dogs, but they still love playing with children and showing their humorous side in the process.

If you are looking for a charming, fun-loving addition to your family, then purchase one of our Shih TZU puppies today!



Human Companion: Shih TZU puppies are known for their love for humans and their need for human contact and companionship.  They will usually get along well with anyone, and they are especially fond of children.

Playful: Although they are not a high energy dog, Shih TZU puppies still love to play and interact with people.  They are also quick to feel left out if not included in family activities.

Humor:  Shih TZU puppies are a breed that loves to make their owners laugh!  They are charming dogs that love to show their silly side during play.

Lower Energy: Overall, the Shih TZU puppies line is not a high-energy breed. This does not mean they don’t need exercise! Being lower energy, Shih TZU puppies do not need as much room to roam in a house, and a couple of daily walks will usually meet their required exercise.

Alert: Although they are small dogs, Shih TZU puppies still make good watchdogs because they are very alert and defensive. They are quick to alert their owners if something is amiss, and they are not afraid to defend their family during danger.

SIZE: Shih TZU puppies are usually 10-12 inches tall at the shoulder, and they typically weigh 8-16 pounds when adults.